The Ideal Protein Program

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There are 3 critical things to understand about weight loss that will help you maintain a stable weight after dieting:

  1. One of the greatest hazards of dieting is losing muscle mass along with fat.
  2. Muscle is required to burn calories. Therefore, when you decrease your muscle mass via dieting, you will have less muscle to burn calories after you return to your regular eating patterns. In other words, you will regain your lost weight. In fact, according to the National Institutes of Health, dieters regain almost all of their lost weight within 5 years after dieting.
  3. If you start dieting again you will lose yet more muscle, further inhibiting your ability to burn calories.

And thus the hopeless cycle of yo-yo dieting is set…unless you’ve chosen the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method.

Call Our Broomfield Clinic Now 303-548-3841 and Ask Us About Your Initial Weight Loss Assessment…Our Medically Developed Diet Protocol can be Tailored to Just About Any Individual, Regardless of Your Weight Loss Goals.

Make Your Weight Problems a Distant Memory

Learn How to Lose Weight and How to Maintain Your New Weight.

Our North Denver clinic has been using the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method since 2009 and has helped thousands of Denver area dieters to achieve their weight goals. Our goal with each and every patient is to teach the lifelong skills required to achieve our dieter’s weight loss goals. We are so dedicated to ensuring our Broomfield dieters have life-long success that we continue to coach our dieters for a full year after having reached their weight loss and health goals.

Why this method can work for you when so many others fail

* Our method will help you to Keep Muscle and Burn Fat

** Most diets burn more muscle than fat, causing you to gain the weight back

* You shouldn’t have to kill yourself at the gym.

** While we encourage everyone to stay active, this method does not require exercise to help you to lose weight!

* No Starvation Required!

** Most diets severely restrict your calories and put your body into a starvation mode.

* You should not have to live on shakes.

** We encourage all of our dieters to indulge in food items that are a full nutritious meal instead of living a shakes all day.

* Unlimited support.

** Our staff and Doctor will see you once each week one-on-one. We are also available 7 days per week to assist you via phone, email and text to give you all of the support you need.

* Easy to follow method.

** We offer a large variety of foods that are easy to preparation or are ready in minutes.
** Your coach will guide you through what you can eat.

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